Fund Management
· Able to develop variety of fund strategies and structures to deliver optimal
risk-adjusted returns to investors.
Private Equity
· Lucrum Capital has both a strong network of private investors & Institutional players to work with on property-related funds.

· Lucrum Capital has its own proprietary funds to invest together with its investors to provide an alignment of interest for its real estate investments.
Asset Management
· To provide value-added expertise in asset management services to both Lucrum Capital’s & third party's funds, which do not possess the capability.
Property Investment
· Lucrum Capital with its wealth of experience in the Real Estate Industry, has the capability to provide both expertise & advisory for the whole spectrum of the Property Investment arena (i.e. Retail, Residential, Commercial & Industrial).
Established Network
· Very strong network capabilities in the Asia-Pacific region, especially in Singapore,
Indonesia & Malaysia.

· Through its wide network, Lucrum Capital is able to provide its investors value opportunities throughout the region.

By understanding the investment needs of
our potential investors, we are then able to
structure our offerings that best suit their
preferred positions.
Lucrum Capital adopts an Entrepreneurial Approach
when making and executing critical investment strategies.


Our asset management team is always on the alert to capitalise on changing market opportunities by:
1. Maintaining good relationships with our strong network of global contacts
2. Utilising our extensive knowledge in the real estate and capital market operations.

While other funds are typically bureaucratic and one dimensional, Lucrum Capital’s focus is to align potentially rewarding returns with our client’s objectives by executing tailor-made investment strategies swiftly and efficiently.

In Lucrum Capital, we take our business of being the premiere real investment firm in the Asia Pacific Region seriously.